Q:  What exactly is WhiteShield?
A:  WhiteShield is a natural, flavorless powder, packaged like an individual sweetener or creamer, which is stirred into coffee—hot or cold.

Q:  How does WhiteShield work?
A:  WhiteShield’s exclusive formula neutralizes the staining molecules in coffee, and actually works while you are drinking to shield those molecules from your teeth’s enamel and prevent them from attaching.

Q: Will WhiteShield change my coffee experience?
A:  Absolutely not.  WhiteShield dissolves completely and quickly in hot or cold coffee without altering the taste, color, consistency or aroma.  Also, WhiteShield does not affect any of coffee’s many health benefits.

Q:  Is WhiteShield safe?
A:  Yes, WhiteShield is harmless for you and your teeth.  It is formulated using only natural ingredients that respond well in the human body.  In fact, WhiteShield’s ingredients have been safely consumed in American food and beverage products for decades.  Best of all, WhiteShield is zero-calorie, gluten-free, with no dairy or nuts.
Note that WhiteShield does contain an ingredient that can be found in shellfish.  Although it is present in very small quantities, it is stated as a precaution on the box, consistent with FDA guidelines.

Q:  Is WhiteShield really effective and how soon will I see results?
A:  WhiteShield has been tested by thousands of users with good results.  WhiteShield begins blocking stains from the very first cup, thus eliminating future staining with every use.  Regular use works gradually over time to gently remove existing coffee stains, and measurable changes have been seen in as little as 4 weeks.

Q: Can I use WhiteShield in other beverages?
A: The color molecules in tea are very similar to those in coffee and have the same staining effect on teeth.  WhiteShield works with tea every bit as well as with coffee, but it does cloud tea as if you had added a little cream. We are researching potential solutions to address the clouding issue in tea. While the color molecules in tea are similar to coffee, there are far less of them. You can cut the serving size to ½ (even a ¼) and WhiteShield will still be effective.