Cool stuff! I love both coffee and my sparkling white teeth, so I'm very excited about this product. I was also pleased that it didn't change the taste of my coffee at all. My mouth seemed to feel cleaner after I finished my morning cup.” 
Kristie M.

“I use it and enjoy it in my daily coffee...no aftertaste at all...good product!”
Bobbi B.

“I have been able to try out WhiteShield for a few weeks now and I really notice a difference.  My teeth were really pretty good to start since I used a teeth whitener just before testing out WhiteShield.  I mixed a little packet of WhiteShield in each time I enjoyed a cup of coffee and I was impressed that my teeth have stayed very white and clean looking. I didn't notice any change in taste, consistency or flavor of my coffee either.  The packets are very thin and small and I was able to tuck a few into my purse to protect my teeth on the go.” 
Betsy K.

This is a must have if you are concerned about having white teeth.” 
Joi H.

“I noticed my white coffee cup was easier to clean than normal.” 
Marie M.

“I would recommend this product for people who want a natural way to whiten
and keep their teeth white.” 
Petrina S.

“Finally a product that cures nasty coffee stained teeth! I will definitely use this again!”
Fernando T.

“No taste is good taste! I couldn’t taste WhiteShield in my coffee and that’s a good thing. I really like the idea of this product and I am going to buy more to see how it works over time.”
Larry V.

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